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To navigate in reality you need to simplify it

Posted by Seppo Sairanen on 6.11.2018 14:01

A few days ago I managed to catch a cold. To get something else to think than my miserable being I tried to find something light and easy to read from my book shelves. Nothing seemed to be interesting.

Finally in my not so well arranged library I noticed a misplaced small black book titled The Decision Book. I guess it caught my attention because at that moment my ability to make any decision was even worse than normally.

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Topics: leadership, learning technology, simulation game

Leading people is like playing football

Posted by Seppo Sairanen on 29.6.2018 8:30

This summer all the football enthusiasts and fans – and even those who are not so keen on The Beautiful Game – have been sitting in the front of TV and watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup. And why not to watch the best matches played by the best teams and players? Even a layman can enjoy the excellence of these professionals.

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Topics: leadership, lifelong learning, learning technology, simulation game


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