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The revolution is here: new digital learning tools will change the future

Posted by Heli Saarelainen on 5.11.2018 10:48

What if in the future there were no teachers? At all. Nowhere. Sounds impossible? Well, it might be possible.

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Topics: leadership, gamification, learning technology, blog, equality

For our daughters sake, let’s create working life that is equal for everyone

Posted by Sirkku Jauhiainen on 1.11.2018 10:06

Gender does not matter, I was told at home. We all, me, my three sisters and two brothers, were encouraged to work hard from very young age and to go for our dreams. 

Have to say it was not always fun. My siblings and I had to start working during summers at a paper factory when we turned 13. We had to cycle to work, 16 kilometers there and back, no matter if it was raining or shining. It was tough, of course, but I also have lots of crazy stories to share from those times.

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Topics: leadership, blog, diversity, equality


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