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Future leaders are constant learners

Posted by Heli Saarelainen on 27.6.2018 9:25
Heli Saarelainen
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We all know that work is changing, and eventually we workers ourselves are changing as well. But what does it really mean? What kind of transformation white-collar workers go through in following years?

Last week at EdTechX event, e-Learning professional Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet shared his vision about the future. And it surely was an interesting vision, indeed.

Vedrenne-Cloquet introduced us ”Homo Eruditus”. Homo Eruditus is a renaissance worker who has excellent skills in judgement, creativity, collaboration, problem solving, empathy – and is eager for eternal learning.

When technology is humanizing the learning and it will give a liberation of human potential, the only way to succeed is to start to learn on the gig. In this changing environment, we all need to deepen and build required skills – and the ways to do that have to be flexible, affordable and accessible.


"The change is not far away in the future. Knowledge economy is growing more than ever."

This change is not far away in the future but already happening. The knowledge economy is growing more than ever, and one reason for that is freelancers.

When traditional education is more like ”train and pray” -mindset, meaning people hope their job matches their credentials, freelancers instead see that education and work are more compartmentalized. They are separate things but go hand by hand. For freelancers, education doesn’t guarantee any certain position but it enables evolving and freedom to choose their work.

At the moment, the freelance workforce is growing 3 times faster than workforce in employment relationship. In US freelancers are participating 44% more in skills related trainings as hired workforce. In short, rapidly growing freelancer workforce is drastically boosting the growth of knowledge economy.

But this revolution of never-ending learning is not only freelancers’ hip & trendy thingie. It is something that affects leaders, too.


"CEOs don't spend enough time thinking about learning in their organizations."

”I really believe the CEO needs to become the Chief Learning Officer in their company, and I don’t think CEOs spend enough time thinking about learning in their organizations”, has Mara Swan from ManPower Group stated.

Swan is right. Constant learning is something every company should take seriously. Companies who realize that learning is the new tech and start to create today’s in-demand skillset training platforms, will more likely succeed in the future. To achieve competitive advantage companies need to support lifelong learning, networked education and adaptive and experimental learning.


"Constant learning is something every company should take seriously: it is the key to success."


It was inspiring to participate the TedEchX Europe and understand that our solutions at Viking Theories are something today’s companies are seeking for. We are focusing on gamification, mobile learning and AI based soft skill learning tools.

We were announced to be one of the 10 best Global Super League of Startups because of our innovative approach. This gives us courage to build feasible solutions for the future Homo Eruditus.

Mahatma Gandhi said it well: Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.Heli Saarelainen from Viking Theories speaking about better leadership

Heli Saarelainen is the CEO of Viking Theories. She has been helping managers to improve their leadership skills for several years. In the 90s, she studied classical ballet and saw David Hasselhoff live in Leipzig.

Topics: leadership, edtechx, lifelong learning, learning technology


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