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Construction companies have to deal with change management, too

Posted by Vesa Pirinen on 19.12.2018 14:23
Vesa Pirinen
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Vesa Pirinen is the Vice President Paving, strategy of YIT. He has years of experience on construction field and he has taken part in several change projects. 

One might think that the changing world and disruption does not concern construction and development companies like YIT. Well, yes it does. Change can be even harder to traditional industries than to rapidly developing IT business or even to startups, where the change is business as usual.

Change is the new normal for current economies. Typical changes in YIT can be for example new project management tools, new processes and ways of doing in customer management etc., not to mention the ongoing integration between ex-YIT and ex-Lemminkäinen. 


Change can be even harder to traditional industries than to rapidly developing IT-business.


Challenges to drive successfully these changes come from different nationalities, backgrounds and terminology – so it is possible that we don’t even understand each other although we are speaking same languages.

My experience is that in time of change one common issue stays: fear and resistance to change. That is why we should not take change as something that passes by itself.” In a middle of chance, we really have to concentrate on how we put all the new things into practice and make the change easier for everyone. For that we need change management.


We should not take change as something that "passes by itself." We truly need change management.


Viking theories has been able to pack different change management theories to one understandable format to a game. We played the very early version of the game in manual format when we were implementing our new service organization. The change meant new roles, processes and teams for almost 100 persons. Particularly future team leaders were playing the game.

It was a good experience. The game – nowadays in great digital format makes you really think. First you have to think what kind of a team you are trying to lead through a change. You can simulate your team members’ personalities (close enough) in the game. It helps you to estimate the right actions for your team and to understand your team members’ possible reactions. 

When the game starts your task is to keep every team member on the boat (– not in the wagon 8) and move forward until the set goal is reached / change is well on its way.


Did the game help us?
Definitely yes.


By playing the game our managers learnt how to lead their team in change and what kind of reactions they can expect after different leadership actions. In digital format the game provides you an easy possibility to test and reflect your change management habits.

Did the game help us? Definitely yes – and time will show how much. Based on my experience I recommend to test the Viking Theories’ game. Try it and you will see the benefits.



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