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3 reasons why we have vikings in our leadership game

Posted by Viking Theories on 25.10.2018 13:21
Viking Theories

In our leadership game there are many vikings. Many, many vikings. One of the most common questions we hear is ”Why vikings?”. (For some reason, it is always clear why they are so many. People never ask about that.)

There are three reasons.

First one: People don't want to get bored.

At the moment, 65% of managers and executives want to learn leadership skills. They prefer doing it at work, at their own pace. Therefore, several organizations and companies – 90% to be precise – provide nowadays digital learning possibilities to their employees.

There is only one thing: more than 90% of the people who sign up for online classes don’t complete them. Main reason is that these online classes are too boring.

Yes. Boring. Farewell, new skills.

But vikings are not boring, we can tell you that. One of our customers told that it is great the game is not happening in an office and the characters are not white-collar workers. ”These silly vikings allow you to relax, try new things, look at solutions from a different viewpoint,” she said.

Second: Vikings were great leaders. 

Think about bunch of people living in a snowy country several centuries back. Then one day one of them says: ”Let’s sail across the Great Sea and find new land!” And that is what they do: sail across Atlantic Oceans, find new land and then come back.

Vikings knew how to navigate. They knew how to motivate people. They knew that gender does not matter; more important was they had the right person leading them.

A good example of a great viking leader is Aud the Deep-Minded. She took some prisoners in her sailing crew. In Iceland, she found land no-one had stepped on before. She decided to give the land to her crew – and the prisoners got not only some land, but also their freedom.

Third: Vikings are cool.

Do we have to add anything to this?


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